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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1/A on 08/29/2014
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BI shall promptly report such data to Vitae; and such reports should be substantially contemporaneous with the disclosure of the same data to BI’s senior management.


5.                                      DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTS.


5.1                               General.  BI shall use Diligent Efforts to Develop Products, and will have sole responsibility for the performance of all Development activities.  It is the intention of this Research Collaboration to move a minimum of one (1) Collaboration Compound or BI Compound into Development at the earliest opportunity.  Without limiting the foregoing, BI shall use Diligent Efforts to (i) advance at least one (1) primary and one (1) back-up Collaboration Compound or BI Compound for type 2 diabetes or another Core Indication ready for Phase I Studies; (ii) advance one (1) Product through Development in accordance with the stage gates identified in the then current Development Plan for such Product; (iii) efficiently Develop the Products; and (iv) obtain Marketing Authorization Approvals to market the Products in Major Markets (as contemplated in Section 8.2).  BI shall use Diligent Efforts to secure the necessary resources and will keep the applicable Committee informed with a summary of the progress of individual Studies and activities relating to Products as part of any changes to Development Plans and timelines.  Except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement (i.e., if Vitae exercises its Co-Development Option pursuant to Section 5.4), BI shall bear all costs and expenses associated with Development of Products.  The Development Plan (attached as Exhibit3) may be amended as necessary by BI following consultation with Vitae, provided that any amendments shall be consistent with BI’s Diligent Efforts obligation, including the minimum diligence obligations set forth in Section 5.2.


5.2                               Minimum Diligence.  Without limiting the foregoing, BI shall use Diligent Efforts to meet the diligence milestones set forth below (“Milestone Timing”) and to achieve the time periods set forth below for the lead Product/compound (i.e. the compound or Product that is the furthest advanced).  For avoidance of doubt, the Milestone Timings shall not apply to the second or any subsequent Products, or the second or any subsequent indications.  The Parties anticipate as of the Effective Date that the milestones set forth in Section 5.2.1 could be achieved on time if BI meets its Diligent Efforts obligations.


5.2.1                     Diligence Milestones.




Milestone Timing

Initiation of first Phase I Study for a Core Indication



Initiation of first Phase IIb Study for a Core Indication



Initiation of first Phase III Study for a Core Indication




5.2.2                     Unforeseen Delays.  If BI uses Diligent Efforts to Develop a particular Product, but (i) BI’s results do not support further advancement of the applicable Product; or (ii) BI discontinues Development of a particular Product for a particular Core










Indication due to Technical Failure and promptly commences advancement of a back-up Product for the same Core Indication, then the relevant Milestone Timing set forth in Section 5.2.1 shall be extended by a reasonable period of time necessary to perform or re-perform the Development with such Product or back-up Product.  For example, if a Phase I Study for a Product were to take one (1) year, generate ambiguous results and have to be repeated, then a reasonable period, up to one (1) year, would be added to the Milestone Timing specified above for the first Phase II Study for such back-up Product.


5.2.3                     Obligation to Notify Promptly of Delays.  In the event that BI determines that it will likely fail to achieve an applicable milestone with respect to any Product (other than First Commercial Sale) within the applicable Milestone Timing established above, BI shall inform Vitae and use Diligent Efforts to resolve the situation taking into due consideration any recommendation and suggestion of Vitae.


5.3                               Development Decisions/Progress.  In conducting Development activities, BI shall consult with the applicable Committee (i.e., JDC or Joint Steering Committee) and shall promptly and comprehensively share a summary of relevant information relating to Development activities with Vitae.  In addition, BI shall provide its proposals and suggestions for amending or otherwise modifying the Development Plan (including Development timelines) to Vitae through the applicable Committee.  Without limiting the foregoing, BI shall provide to such Committee updates of Development progress and efforts at least twice per year.


5.4                               Co-Development Option.  Vitae shall have the right, but not the obligation, to co-fund the global Development of one (1) Product by sharing between ten percent (10%) to twenty percent (20%) of all costs of the Phase III Studies for such Product in return for an increased royalty in accordance with Section 9.6.5(b) (the “Co-Development Option”).


5.4.1                     Procedure for Exercise of Option.  At least six (6) months prior to Initiation of Phase III Studies for each Product, BI shall provide Vitae with a budget for the estimated Development costs for such Phase III Studies.  To exercise its Co-Development Option, Vitae shall notify BI in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the Initiation of Phase III Studies that it is exercising its Co-Development Option; such written notice shall also specify the percentage of expenses that Vitae will be co-funding.


5.4.2                     Reimbursement of Development Costs.  If Vitae exercises its Co-Development Option, it shall reimburse BI for Vitae’s specified share of any reasonable Development costs actually incurred by BI in performing such Phase III Studies from the Initiation of such Phase III Studies until the submission of an NDA with the FDA or the EMEA.  Vitae shall make its reimbursement payments in arrears on a quarterly basis within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice from BI.  For avoidance of doubt, reimbursable Development costs shall also include BI’s internal expenses (such as employees’ salaries or overhead expenses), as determined and calculated in accordance with BI’s normal operating protocols for internal development projects.  If actual Development costs for the Phase III Studies exceed BI’s initial budget forecast (provided to Vitae pursuant to Section 5.4.1) by more than ten percent (10%), then Vitae shall have the right to continue to share Development costs in accordance with the original budget (with a corresponding pro rata reduction in the royalty increase Vitae would