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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1/A on 08/29/2014
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Candidate even in the event that such Potential Development Candidate does not fulfill all criteria set forth in the relevant Research Plan.  If BI decides to commence Development of a Potential Development Candidate even if such Potential Development Candidate does not fulfill all criteria set forth in the Research Plan, then such Potential Development Candidate shall be deemed a Development Candidate after BI’s decision, and such decision shall trigger the obligation to pay the Development Candidate Selection milestone payment pursuant to Section 9.3.1 or 9.3.3.


3.5                               Joint Development Committee.


3.5.1                     Members.  In the event that the Joint Steering Committee establishes the JDC, BI and Vitae shall each designate an equal number of employees in their respective organizations, up to a maximum total of four (4) members on the JDC, with a maximum of two (2) employees from each Party.  Each of BI and Vitae may replace any or all of its employees on the JDC at any time upon written notice to the other Party.  Such employees shall include individuals who have the relevant experience and expertise for activities included in the Development Plan for the next twelve (12) calendar months.  A Party may designate a substitute employee to temporarily attend and perform the functions of such Party’s designee at any meeting of the JDC.  BI and Vitae each may, on advance written notice to the other Party, invite non-member employees of such Party to attend meetings of the JDC.  The JDC shall be chaired on an annual rotating basis by a JDC representative of either Vitae or BI, as applicable, with BI providing the first such chairperson.  The other Party shall appoint a secretary of the JDC, who shall be a representative of such Party and who shall serve for the same annual term as such chairperson.


3.5.2                     Responsibilities.  If formed, the JDC shall perform the following functions (otherwise, the Joint Steering Committee shall perform such functions) for both Core and None-Core Indications:


(a)                                 On a twice per year basis beginning within six (6) months of the commencement of Development activities, discuss any updates and amendments of any Development Plan and monitor the Development Plan for each Product;


(b)                                 Monitor the Development strategy for Products in the Territory;


(c)                                  Monitor regulatory strategy and activities for Products in accordance with Article 8 of the Agreement;


(d)                                 Discuss “go/no-go” decisions for the Development of Products;


(e)                                  Discuss the status and results of all Studies in respect of Products and other major Development milestones in respect of Products based on the management summary provided by BI;


(f)                                   Discuss labeling goals and strategy; and