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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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successor entity as of immediately after such merger, consolidation or reorganization, such surviving or successor entity is not the Company); or (iii) any sale or other transfer by the stockholders of the Company of shares representing at least a majority of the Company’s then-total outstanding combined voting power; provided, that “Acquisition” shall not include a transaction or series of related transactions the primary purpose of which is a bona fide equity financing of the Company.


(b)                                 Treatment of Warrant at Acquisition. In the event of an Acquisition in which the consideration to be received by the Company’s stockholders consists solely of cash, solely of Marketable Securities or a combination of cash and Marketable Securities (a “Cash/Public Acquisition”), either (i) Holder shall exercise this Warrant pursuant to Section 1.1 and/or 1.2 and such exercise will be deemed effective immediately prior to and contingent upon the consummation of such Acquisition or (ii) if Holder elects not to exercise the Warrant, this Warrant will expire immediately prior to the consummation of such Acquisition.


(c)                                  The Company shall provide Holder with written notice of its request relating to the Cash/Public Acquisition (together with such reasonable information as Holder may reasonably require regarding the treatment of this Warrant in connection with such contemplated Cash/Public Acquisition giving rise to such notice), which is to be delivered to Holder not less than seven (7) Business Days prior to the closing of the proposed Cash/Public Acquisition. In the event the Company does not provide such notice, then if, immediately prior to the Cash/Public Acquisition, the fair market value of one Share (or other security issuable upon the exercise hereof) as determined in accordance with Section 1.3 above would be greater than the Warrant Price in effect on such date, then this Warrant shall automatically be deemed on and as of such date to be exercised pursuant to Section 1.2 above as to all Shares (or such other securities) for which it shall not previously have been exercised, and the Company shall promptly notify the Holder of the number of Shares (or such other securities) issued upon such exercise to the Holder and Holder shall be deemed to have restated each of the representations and warranties in Section 4 of the Warrant as the date thereof.


(d)                                 Upon the closing of any Acquisition other than a Cash/Public Acquisition defined above, the acquiring, surviving or successor entity shall assume the obligations of this Warrant, and this Warrant shall thereafter be exercisable for the same securities and/or other property as would have been paid for the Shares issuable upon exercise of the unexercised portion of this Warrant as if such Shares were outstanding on and as of the closing of such Acquisition, subject to further adjustment from time to time in accordance with the provisions of this Warrant.


(e)                                  As used in this Warrant, Marketable Securities means securities meeting all of the following requirements: (i) the issuer thereof is then subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13 or Section 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the Exchange Act), and is then current in its filing of all required reports and other information under the Act and the Exchange Act; (ii) the class and series of shares or other security of the issuer that would be received by Holder in connection with the Acquisition were Holder to exercise this Warrant on or prior to the closing thereof is then traded in Trading Market, and (iii) Holder would be able to publicly re-sell, within six (6) months and one day following the closing of such Acquisition, all of the issuer’s shares and/or other securities that would be received by Holder in such Acquisition were Holder to exercise this Warrant in full on or prior to the closing of such Acquisition.