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SEC Filings

VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
Entire Document


Lender may agree to give its consent in connection with any amendment, waiver or modification of the Loan Documents only in the event of the unanimous agreement of all Lenders.


(c)                                       Other than as expressly provided for in Section 12.6(a)(i)-(iii). Collateral Agent may, if requested by the Required Lenders, from time to time designate covenants in this Agreement less restrictive by notification to a representative of Borrower.


(d)                                      This Agreement and the Loan Documents represent the entire agreement about this subject matter and supersede prior negotiations or agreements. All prior agreements, understandings, representations, warranties, and negotiations between the parties about the subject matter of this Agreement and the Loan Documents are merged into this Agreement and the Loan Documents.


12.7                        Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts and by different parties on separate counterparts, each of which, when executed and delivered, are an original, and all taken together, constitute one Agreement.


12.8                        Survival. All covenants, representations and warranties made in this Agreement continue in full force until this Agreement has terminated pursuant to its terms and all Obligations (other than inchoate indemnity obligations and any other obligations which, by their terms, are to survive the termination of this Agreement) have been satisfied.. The obligation of Borrower in Section 12.2 to indemnify each Lender and Collateral Agent as well as the confidentiality provisions in Section 12.9 below, shall survive until the statute of limitations with respect to such claim or cause of action shall have run.


12.9                        Confidentiality. In handling any confidential information of Borrower, Lenders and Collateral Agent shall exercise the same degree of care that it exercises for its own proprietary information, but disclosure of information may be made: (a) to Lenders’ and Collateral Agent’s Subsidiaries or Affiliates, provided that such Subsidiaries and Affiliates are bound by substantially the same confidentiality obligations herein; (b) to prospective transferees or purchasers of any interest in the Credit Extensions (provided, however, Lenders and Collateral Agent shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain such prospective transferee’s or purchaser’s agreement to the terms of this provision); (c) as required by law, regulation, subpoena, or other order; (d) to Lenders’ or Collateral Agent’s regulators or as otherwise required in connection with an examination or audit; (e) as Collateral Agent considers appropriate in exercising remedies under the Loan Documents; and (f) to third party service providers of Lenders and/or Collateral Agent so long as such service providers have executed a confidentiality agreement with Lenders and Collateral Agent with terms no less restrictive than those contained herein. Confidential information does not include information that either: (i) is in the public domain or in Lenders’ and/or Collateral Agent’s possession when disclosed to Lenders and/or Collateral Agent, or becomes part of the public domain after disclosure to Lenders and/or Collateral Agent through no fault of any Lender or Collateral Agent; or (ii) is disclosed to Lenders and/or Collateral Agent by a third party, if Lenders and/or Collateral Agent does not know that the third party is prohibited from disclosing the information.


Collateral Agent may use confidential information for any purpose, including, without limitation, for the development of client databases, reporting purposes, and market analysis, so long as Collateral Agent does not disclose Borrower’s identity or the identity of any person associated with Borrower unless otherwise expressly permitted by this Agreement. The provisions of the immediately preceding sentence shall survive the termination of this Agreement.


12.10                 Right of Set Off. Borrower hereby grants to Collateral Agent and to each Lender, a lien, security interest and right of set off as security for all Obligations to Collateral Agent and each Lender hereunder, whether now existing or hereafter arising upon and against all deposits, credits, collateral and property, now or hereafter in the possession, custody, safekeeping or control of Collateral Agent or Lenders or any entity under the control of Collateral Agent or Lenders (including an Collateral Agent affiliate) or in transit to any of them. At any time after the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, without demand or notice, Collateral Agent or Lenders may set off the same or any part thereof and apply the same to any liability or obligation of Borrower then due and payable and regardless of the adequacy of any other collateral securing the Obligations. ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO REQUIRE COLLATERAL AGENT TO EXERCISE ITS RIGHTS OR REMEDIES WITH RESPECT TO ANY OTHER COLLATERAL WHICH SECURES THE OBLIGATIONS, PRIOR TO EXERCISING ITS RIGHT OF SETOFF WITH RESPECT TO SUCH






12.11                 Cooperation of Borrower. If necessary, Borrower agrees to (i) execute any documents (including new Secured Promissory Notes) reasonably required to effectuate and acknowledge each assignment of a Term Loan Commitment or Loan to an assignee in accordance with Section 12.1, (ii) make Borrower’s management available to meet with Collateral Agent and prospective participants and assignees of Term Loan Commitments or Credit Extensions (which meetings shall be conducted no more often than twice every twelve months unless an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing), and (iii) assist Collateral Agent or the Lenders in the preparation of information relating to the financial affairs of Borrower as any prospective participant or assignee of a Term Loan Commitment or Term Loan reasonably may request. Subject to the provisions of Section 12.9, Borrower authorizes each Lender to disclose to any prospective participant or assignee of a Term Loan Commitment, any and all information in such Lender’s possession concerning Borrower and its financial affairs which has been delivered to such Lender by or on behalf of Borrower pursuant to this Agreement, or which has been delivered to such Lender by or on behalf of Borrower in connection with such Lender’s credit evaluation of Borrower prior to entering into this Agreement.


13                                            COLLATERAL AGENT


13.1                        Appointment and Authorization of Collateral Agent. Each Lender hereby irrevocably appoints, designates and authorizes Collateral Agent to take such action on its behalf under the provisions of this Agreement and each other Loan Document and to exercise such powers and perform such duties as are expressly delegated to it by the terms of this Agreement or any other Loan Document, together with such powers as are reasonably incidental thereto. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained elsewhere herein or in any other Loan Document, Collateral Agent shall not have any duties or responsibilities, except those expressly set forth herein, nor shall Collateral Agent have or be deemed to have any fiduciary relationship with any Lender or participant, and no implied covenants, functions, responsibilities, duties, obligations or liabilities shall be read into this Agreement or any other Loan Document or otherwise exist against Collateral Agent. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, the use of the term “agent” herein and in the other Loan Documents with reference to Collateral Agent is not intended to connote any fiduciary or other implied (or express) obligations arising under agency doctrine of any applicable law. Instead, such term is used merely as a matter of market custom, and is intended to create or reflect only an administrative relationship between independent contracting parties.


13.2                        Collateral Agent in its Individual Capacity. With respect to its Credit Extensions, Oxford shall have the same rights and powers under this Agreement as any other Lender and may exercise such rights and powers as though it were not Collateral Agent, and the terms “Lender” and “Lenders” include Oxford in its individual capacity.


13.3                        Successor Collateral Agent. Collateral Agent may resign at any time by giving thirty (30) days’ prior written notice thereof to Lenders and Borrower; provided, however, that the retiring Collateral Agent shall continue to serve until a successor Collateral Agent shall have been selected and approved pursuant to this Section 13.3. Upon any such notice, Collateral Agent shall have the right to appoint, subject to the consent of Lenders, a successor Collateral Agent. Without limitation of the foregoing, if Collateral Agent becomes insolvent or commits any act or omission constituting gross negligence or willful misconduct of its duties as Collateral Agent hereunder, then the Lenders shall have the right to replace the Collateral Agent. Upon the acceptance of its appointment as successor Collateral Agent hereunder, the Person acting as such successor Collateral Agent shall succeed to all the rights, powers and duties of the retiring Collateral Agent and the respective term “Collateral Agent” means such successor Collateral Agent and the retiring Collateral Agent’s appointment, powers and duties in such capacities shall be terminated without any other further act or deed on its behalf. After any retiring Collateral Agent’s resignation hereunder as Collateral Agent, the provisions of this Article 13 and Section 12.2 shall inure to its benefit as to any actions taken or omitted to be taken by it while it was Collateral Agent under this Agreement.


13.4                        Proofs of Claim. In case of any Insolvency Proceeding relative to Borrower, each Lender shall promptly file a claim or claims, on the form required in such proceeding, for the full outstanding amount of such Lender’s claim, and shall use its best efforts to cause said claim or claims to be approved and each of the Lenders hereby irrevocably agrees that, to the extent that it fails timely to do so, any other Lender may in the name of the first Lender, or otherwise, prove up (but not vote) any and all claims of the first Lender relating to the first Lender’s claim.