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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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        We typically receive upfront, nonrefundable payments when licensing our intellectual property. For intellectual property licenses that do not have stand-alone value from the other deliverables to be provided, revenue is recognized over the contractual or estimated performance period, which is typically the term of the research and development obligations. The periods over which revenue should be recognized are subject to estimates by us and may change over the course of the research and development agreement. Such a change could have a material impact on the amount of revenue we record in future periods.

        Payments or reimbursements resulting from our research and development efforts are recognized as the services are performed and are presented on a gross basis so long as there is persuasive evidence of an arrangement, the fee is fixed or determinable, and collection of the related receivable is reasonably assured. Amounts received prior to satisfying the above revenue recognition criteria are recorded as deferred revenue.

        In accordance with ASU 2010-17, we will recognize revenue from milestone payments when: (i) the milestone event is substantive and its achievability was not reasonably assured at the inception of the agreement; and (ii) we do not have ongoing performance obligations related to the achievement of the milestone earned. Milestone payments are considered substantive if all of the following conditions are met: the milestone payment (a) is commensurate with either our performance to achieve the milestone or the enhancement of the value of the delivered item or items as a result of a specific outcome resulting from our performance to achieve the milestone, (b) relates solely to past performance and (c) is reasonable relative to all of the deliverables and payment terms (including other potential milestone consideration) within the arrangement. We have concluded that the clinical and development and regulatory milestones pursuant to our research and development arrangements are substantive.

        Royalty revenue will be recognized when earned. We have not earned any royalty revenues to date.

Accrued Clinical and Preclinical Expenses

        As part of the process of preparing our financial statements, we are required to estimate our accrued expenses. This process involves reviewing open contracts and purchase orders, communicating with our applicable personnel to identify services that have been performed on our behalf and estimating the level of service performed and the associated cost incurred for the service when we have not yet been invoiced or otherwise notified of actual cost. The majority of our service providers invoice us monthly in arrears for services performed. We make estimates of our accrued expenses as of each balance sheet date based on facts and circumstances known to us at that time. We periodically confirm the accuracy of our estimates with the service providers and make adjustments if necessary. Examples of estimated accrued clinical expenses include:

    fees paid to vendors in connection with the preclinical development activities;
    fees paid to contract manufacturers in connection with the production of preclinical and clinical trial materials;
    fees paid to contract research organizations in connection with clinical studies; and
    fees paid to investigative sites in connection with clinical studies.

        We base our expenses related to preclinical and clinical studies on our estimates of the services received and efforts expended pursuant to contracts with multiple research institutions and contract research organizations that conduct and manage clinical studies on our behalf. The financial terms of these agreements are subject to negotiation, vary from contract to contract and may result in uneven payment flows. Payments under some of these contracts depend on factors such as the successful enrollment of patients and the completion of clinical trial milestones. In accruing service fees, we estimate the time period over which services will be performed and the level of effort to be expended in each period. If the actual timing of the performance of services or the level of effort varies from our estimate, we adjust the accrual accordingly. Although we do not expect our estimates to be materially different from amounts actually incurred, our understanding of the status and timing of services performed relative to the actual status and timing of services performed may vary and may result in us reporting amounts that are too high or too low in any particular period.