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SEC Filings

VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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information regarding you for the purpose of managing and administering the Plan, including (without limitation) your name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, social insurance number, salary, nationality, job title, any Shares or directorships held in the Company and details of all RSUs or any other entitlements to Shares awarded, canceled, exercised, vested, unvested or outstanding in your favor (the “Data”).  You further understand and acknowledge that the Company and/or its Subsidiaries will transfer Data among themselves as necessary for the purpose of implementation, administration and management of your participation in the Plan and that the Company and/or any Subsidiary may each further transfer Data to any third party assisting the Company in the implementation, administration and management of the Plan.  You understand and acknowledge that the recipients of Data may be located in the United States or elsewhere.  You authorize such recipients to receive, possess, use, retain and transfer Data, in electronic or other form, for the purpose of administering your participation in the Plan, including a transfer to any broker or other third party with whom you elect to deposit Shares acquired under the Plan of such Data as may be required for the administration of the Plan and/or the subsequent holding of Shares on your behalf.  You may, at any time, view the Data, require any necessary modifications of Data or withdraw the consents set forth in this Subsection (i) by contacting the Company in writing.


SECTION 10.                                                                  DEFINITIONS.


(a)                                 Agreement” means this Restricted Stock Unit Agreement.


(b)                                 Board of Directors” means the Board of Directors of the Company, as constituted from time to time or, if a Committee has been appointed, such Committee.


(c)                                  Cause” means (i) your unauthorized use or disclosure of the Company’s confidential information or trade secrets, which use or disclosure causes material harm to the Company, (ii) your material breach of any agreement between you and the Company, (iii) your material failure to comply with the Company’s written policies or rules, (iv) your conviction of, or your plea of “guilty” or “no contest” to, a felony under the laws of the United States or any State, (v) your gross negligence or willful misconduct, (vi) your continuing failure to perform assigned duties after receiving written notification of the failure from the Company’s Board of Directors or (vii) your failure to cooperate in good faith with a governmental or internal investigation of the Company or its directors, officers or employees, if the Company has requested your cooperation.


(d)                                 Committee” means a committee of the Board of Directors, as described in Section 2 of the Plan.


(e)                                  Date of Grant” means the date specified in the Notice of Restricted Stock Unit Award, which date shall be the later of (i) the date on which the Board of Directors resolved to grant these RSUs or (ii) your first date of Service.


(f)                                   Expiration Date” means the expiration date of the RSUs as set forth in the Notice of Restricted Stock Unit Award.