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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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SECTION 6.                         RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL.


(a)                                 Right of First Refusal.  In the event that you propose to sell, pledge or otherwise transfer to a third party any Shares acquired under this Agreement, or any interest in such Shares to the extent consistent with the restrictions set forth in Section 3, the Company shall have the Right of First Refusal with respect to all (and not less than all) of such Shares.  If you desire to transfer Shares acquired under this Agreement, you must give a written Transfer Notice to the Company describing fully the proposed transfer, including the number of Shares proposed to be transferred, the proposed transfer price, the name and address of the proposed Transferee and proof satisfactory to the Company that the proposed sale or transfer will not violate any applicable federal, State or foreign securities laws.  The Transfer Notice shall be signed both by you and by the proposed Transferee and must constitute a binding commitment of both parties to the transfer of the Shares.  The Company shall have the right to purchase all, and not less than all, of the Shares on the terms of the proposal described in the Transfer Notice (subject, however, to any change in such terms permitted under Section 6(b) below) by delivery of a notice of exercise of the Right of First Refusal within 30 days after the date when the Transfer Notice was received by the Company.


(b)                                 Transfer of Shares.  Subject to Section 7(a) below, If the Company fails to exercise its Right of First Refusal within 30 days after the date when it received the Transfer Notice, you may, not later than 90 days following receipt of the Transfer Notice by the Company, conclude a transfer of the Shares subject to the Transfer Notice on the terms and conditions described in the Transfer Notice, provided that any such sale is made in compliance with applicable federal, State and foreign securities laws and not in violation of any other contractual restrictions to which you are bound.  Any proposed transfer on terms and conditions different from those described in the Transfer Notice, as well as any subsequent proposed transfer by you, shall again be subject to the Right of First Refusal and shall require compliance with the procedure described in Section 6(a) above.  If the Company exercises its Right of First Refusal, the parties shall consummate the sale of the Shares on the terms set forth in the Transfer Notice within 60 days after the date when the Company received the Transfer Notice (or within such longer period as may have been specified in the Transfer Notice); provided, however, that in the event the Transfer Notice provided that payment for the Shares was to be made in a form other than cash or cash equivalents paid at the time of transfer, the Company shall have the option of paying for the Shares with cash or cash equivalents equal to the present value of the consideration described in the Transfer Notice.


(c)                                  Additional or Exchanged Securities and Property.  In the event of a merger or consolidation of the Company with or into another entity, any other corporate reorganization, a stock split, the declaration of a stock dividend, the declaration of an extraordinary dividend payable in a form other than stock, a spin-off, an adjustment in conversion ratio, a recapitalization or a similar transaction affecting the Company’s outstanding securities, any securities or other property (including cash or cash equivalents) that are by reason of such transaction exchanged for, or distributed with respect to, any Shares subject to this Section 6 shall immediately be subject to the Right of First Refusal.  Appropriate adjustments to reflect the exchange or distribution of such securities or property shall be made to the number and/or class of the Shares subject to this Section 6.