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SEC Filings

VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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(i)                                     The expiration date determined pursuant to Subsection (a) above; or


(ii)                                  The date 12 months after the Optionee’s death.


All or part of this option may be exercised at any time before its expiration under the preceding sentence by the executors or administrators of the Optionee’s estate or by any person who has acquired this option directly from the Optionee by beneficiary designation, bequest or inheritance, but only to the extent that this option had become exercisable before the Optionee’s death.  When the Optionee dies, this option shall expire immediately with respect to the number of Shares for which this option is not yet exercisable. Once this option (or portion thereof) has terminated, the Optionee shall have no further rights with respect to the option (or portion thereof) or to the underlying Shares.


(d)                                 Extension of Post-Termination Exercise Periods.  Following the date on which the Company’s Stock is first listed for trading on an established securities market, if during any part of the exercise period described in Subsections (b)(ii) or (iii) or Subsection (c)(ii) above the exercise of this option would be prohibited solely because the issuance of Shares upon such exercise would violate the registration requirements under the Securities Act or a similar provision of other applicable law, then instead of terminating at the end of such prescribed period, the then-vested portion of this option will instead remain outstanding and not expire until the earlier of (i) the expiration date determined pursuant to Section 6(a) above or (ii) the date on which the then-vested portion of this option has been exercisable without violation of applicable law for the aggregate period (which need not be consecutive) after termination of the Optionee’s Service specified in the applicable Subsection above.


(e)                                  Part-Time Employment and Leaves of Absence.  If the Optionee commences working on a part-time basis, then the Company may adjust the vesting schedule set forth in the Notice of Stock Option Grant.  If the Optionee goes on a leave of absence, then the Company may adjust the vesting schedule set forth in the Notice of Stock Option Grant in accordance with the Company’s leave of absence policy or the terms of such leave.  Except as provided in the preceding sentence, Service shall be deemed to continue for any purpose under this Agreement while the Optionee is on a bona fide leave of absence, if (i) such leave was approved by the Company in writing and (ii) continued crediting of Service for such purpose is expressly required by the terms of such leave or by applicable law (as determined by the Company).  Service shall be deemed to terminate when such leave ends, unless the Optionee immediately returns to active work.


(f)                                   Notice Concerning ISO Treatment.  Even if this option is designated as an ISO in the Notice of Stock Option Grant, it ceases to qualify for favorable tax treatment as an ISO to the extent that it is exercised:


(i)                                     More than three months after the date when the Optionee ceases to be an Employee for any reason other than death or permanent and total disability (as defined in Section 22(e)(3) of the Code);