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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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SECTION 7.                         PAYMENT FOR SHARES.


(a)                                 General Rule. The entire Purchase Price or Exercise Price of Shares issued under the Plan shall be payable in cash or cash equivalents at the time when such Shares are purchased, except as otherwise provided in this Section 7. In addition, the Board of Directors in its sole discretion may also permit payment through any of the methods described in (b) through (g) below.


(b)                                 Services Rendered. Shares may be awarded under the Plan in consideration of services rendered to the Company, a Parent or a Subsidiary prior to the award.


(c)                                  Promissory Note. All or a portion of the Purchase Price or Exercise Price (as the case may be) of Shares issued under the Plan may be paid with a full-recourse promissory note. The Shares shall be pledged as security for payment of the principal amount of the promissory note and interest thereon. The interest rate payable under the terms of the promissory note shall not be less than the minimum rate (if any) required to avoid the imputation of additional interest under the Code. Subject to the foregoing, the Board of Directors (at its sole discretion) shall specify the term, interest rate, amortization requirements (if any) and other provisions of such note.


(d)                                 Surrender of Stock. All or any part of the Exercise Price may be paid by surrendering, or attesting to the ownership of, Shares that are already owned by the Optionee. Such Shares shall be surrendered to the Company in good form for transfer and shall be valued at their Fair Market Value as of the date when the Option is exercised.


(e)                                  Exercise/Sale. If the Stock is publicly traded, all or part of the Exercise Price and any withholding taxes may be paid by the delivery (on a form prescribed by the Company) of an irrevocable direction to a securities broker approved by the Company to sell Shares and to deliver all or part of the sales proceeds to the Company.


(f)                                   Net Exercise. An Option may permit exercise through a “net exercise” arrangement pursuant to which the Company will reduce the number of Shares issued upon exercise by the largest whole number of Shares having an aggregate Fair Market Value (determined by the Board of Directors as of the exercise date) that does not exceed the aggregate Exercise Price or the sum of the aggregate Exercise Price plus all or a portion of the minimum amount required to be withheld under applicable tax law (with the Company accepting from the Optionee payment of cash or cash equivalents to satisfy any remaining balance of the aggregate Exercise Price and, if applicable, any additional withholding obligation not satisfied through such reduction in Shares); provided that to the extent Shares subject to an Option are withheld in this manner, the number of Shares subject to the Option following the net exercise will be reduced by the sum of the number of Shares withheld and the number of Shares delivered to the Optionee as a result of the exercise.


(g)                                 Other Forms of Payment. To the extent that an Award Agreement so provides, the Purchase Price or Exercise Price of Shares issued under the Plan may be paid in any other form permitted by the Delaware General Corporation Law, as amended.