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VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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SECTION 1.                         ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE.


The purpose of this Plan is to offer persons selected by the Company an opportunity to acquire a proprietary interest in the success of the Company, or to increase such interest, by acquiring Shares of the Company’s Stock. The Plan provides for the direct award or sale of Shares, the grant of Options to purchase Shares and the grant of Restricted Stock Units. Options granted under the Plan may be ISOs intended to qualify under Code Section 422 or NSOs which are not intended to so qualify.


Capitalized terms are defined in Section 13.


SECTION 2.                         ADMINISTRATION.


(a)                                 Committees of the Board of Directors. The Plan may be administered by one or more Committees. Each Committee shall consist, as required by applicable law, of one or more members of the Board of Directors who have been appointed by the Board of Directors. Each Committee shall have such authority and be responsible for such functions as the Board of Directors has assigned to it. If no Committee has been appointed, the entire Board of Directors shall administer the Plan. Any reference to the Board of Directors in the Plan shall be construed as a reference to the Committee (if any) to whom the Board of Directors has assigned a particular function.


(b)                                 Authority of the Board of Directors. Subject to the provisions of the Plan, the Board of Directors shall have full authority and discretion to take any actions it deems necessary or advisable for the administration of the Plan. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Plan, with respect to the terms and conditions of awards granted to Participants outside the United States, the Board of Directors may vary from the provisions of the Plan to the extent it determines it necessary and appropriate to do so; provided that it may not vary from those Plan terms requiring stockholder approval pursuant to Section 12(d) below. All decisions, interpretations and other actions of the Board of Directors shall be final and binding on all Purchasers, all Optionees, all Recipients and all persons deriving their rights from a Purchaser, Optionee or Recipient.


SECTION 3.                         ELIGIBILITY.


(a)                                 General Rule. Only Employees, Outside Directors and Consultants shall be eligible for the grant of NSOs, Restricted Stock Units or the direct award or sale of Shares.(1) Only Employees shall be eligible for the grant of ISOs.


(1) Note that special considerations apply if the Company proposes to grant awards to an Employee or Consultant of a Parent company.