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SEC Filings

VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form S-1 on 08/12/2014
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in such registration. The expenses of such withdrawn registration shall be borne by the Company in accordance with Section 1.7 hereof.


(c)                             Underwriting Requirements. In connection with any underwritten public offering of shares of the Company’s capital stock, the Company shall not be required under this Section 1.3 to include any of a Holder’s securities in such offering unless such Holder accepts the terms of the underwriting as agreed upon between the Company and the underwriters selected by it (or by other persons entitled to select the underwriters) and enter into an underwriting agreement in customary form with an underwriter or underwriters selected by the Company, and then only in such quantity as the underwriters determine in their sole discretion will not jeopardize the success of the offering by the Company. If the total amount of securities, including Registrable Securities, requested by stockholders to be included in such offering exceeds the amount of securities sold other than by the Company that the underwriters determine in their sole discretion is compatible with the success of the offering, then the Company shall be required to include in the offering only that number of such securities, including Registrable Securities, that the underwriters determine in their sole discretion will not jeopardize the success of the offering (the securities so included to be apportioned pro rata among the selling Holders and any other stockholders according to the total amount of securities entitled to be included therein owned by each selling Holder or other stockholder or in such other proportions as shall mutually be agreed to by such selling Holders). For purposes of the preceding parenthetical concerning apportionment, for any selling stockholder that is a Holder of Registrable Securities and that is a partnership, limited liability company or corporation, the partners, members, retired partners, retired members and stockholders of such Holder, or the estates and family members of any such partners, members and retired partners, retired members and any trusts for the benefit of any of the foregoing persons shall be deemed to be a single. “selling Holder,” and any pro rata reduction with respect to such “selling Holder” shall be based upon the aggregate amount of Registrable Securities owned by all such related entities and individuals.


1.4                          Form S-3 Registration. In case the Company shall receive from the Holders of at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the Registrable Securities a written request or requests that the Company effect a registration on Form S-3, and any related qualification or compliance, with respect to all or a part of the Registrable Securities owned by such Holder or Holders, the Company shall:


(a)                            promptly give written notice of the proposed registration, and any related qualification or compliance, to all other Holders; and


(b)                            use all reasonable efforts to effect, as soon as practicable, such registration and all such qualifications and compliances as may be so requested and as would permit or facilitate the sale and distribution of all or such portion of such Holders’ Registrable Securities as are specified in such request, together with all or such portion of the Registrable Securities of any other Holders joining in such request as are specified in a written request given within fifteen (15) days after receipt of such written notice from the Company; provided, however, that the Company shall not be obligated’ to effect any such registration, qualification or compliance, pursuant to this Section 1.4: