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SEC Filings

VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/25/2016
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at any regular or special meeting of the Board and any such dividend may be paid in cash, property, or shares of the corporation’s stock.


(b)  A member of the Board, or a member of any committee designated by the Board shall be fully protected in relying in good faith upon the records of the corporation and upon such information, opinions, reports or statements presented to the corporation by any of its officers or employees, or committees of the Board, or by any other person as to matters the director reasonably believes are within such other person’s professional or expert competence and who has been selected with reasonable care by or on behalf of the corporation, as to the value and amount of the assets, liabilities and/or net profits of the corporation, or any other facts pertinent to the existence and amount of surplus or other funds from which dividends might properly be declared and paid.


Section 8.02.  Reserves.  There may be set apart out of any funds of the corporation available for dividends such sum or sums as the Board from time to time may determine proper as a reserve or reserves for meeting contingencies, equalizing dividends, repairing or maintaining any property of the corporation or for such other purpose or purposes as the Board may determine conducive to the interest of the corporation, and the Board may similarly modify or abolish any such reserve.


Section 8.03.  Execution of Instruments.  Except as otherwise required by law or the certificate of incorporation, the Board or any officer of the corporation authorized by the Board may authorize any other officer or agent of the corporation to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name and on behalf of the corporation.  Any such authorization must be in writing or by electronic transmission and may be general or limited to specific contracts or instruments.


Section 8.04.  Voting as Stockholder.  Unless otherwise determined by resolution of the Board, the President or any Vice President shall have full power and authority on behalf of the corporation to attend any meeting of stockholders of any corporation in which the corporation may hold stock, and to act, vote (or execute proxies to vote) and exercise in person or by proxy all other rights, powers and privileges incident to the ownership of such stock at any such meeting, or through action without a meeting.  The Board may by resolution from time to time confer such power and authority (in general or confined to specific instances) upon any other person or persons.


Section 8.05.  Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year of the corporation shall commence on the first day of January of each year (except for the corporation’s first fiscal year which shall commence on the date of incorporation) and shall terminate in each case on December 31.


Section 8.06.  Seal.  The seal of the corporation shall be circular in form and shall contain the name of the corporation, the year of its incorporation and the words “Corporate Seal” and “Delaware”.  The form of such seal shall be subject to alteration by the Board.  The seal may be used by causing it or a facsimile thereof to be impressed, affixed or reproduced, or may be used in any other lawful manner.