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SEC Filings

VITAE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC filed this Form 8-K on 10/25/2016
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(e)  The Secretary shall properly maintain and file all books, reports, statements, certificates and all other documents and records required by law, the certificate of incorporation or these bylaws.


(f)  The Secretary shall have charge of the stock books and ledgers of the corporation and shall cause the stock and transfer books to be kept in such manner as to show at any time the number of shares of stock of the corporation of each class issued and outstanding, the names (alphabetically arranged) and the addresses of the holders of record of such shares, the number of shares held by each holder and the date as of which each such holder became a holder of record.


(g)  The Secretary shall sign (unless the Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer or an Assistant Secretary shall have signed) certificates representing shares of the corporation the issuance of which shall have been authorized by the Board.


(h)  The Secretary shall perform, in general, all duties incident to the office of secretary and such other duties as may be specified in these bylaws or as may be assigned to the Secretary from time to time by the Board or the President.


Section 4.09.  Treasurer.  Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the Treasurer, if there be one, shall be the chief financial officer of the corporation and shall have the following powers and duties:


(a)  The Treasurer shall have charge and supervision over and be responsible for the moneys, securities, receipts and disbursements of the corporation, and shall keep or cause to be kept full and accurate records thereof.


(b)  The Treasurer shall cause the moneys and other valuable effects of the corporation to be deposited in the name and to the credit of the corporation in such banks or trust companies or with such bankers or other depositaries as shall be determined by the Board or the President, or by such other officers of the corporation as may be authorized by the Board or the President to make such determinations.


(c)  The Treasurer shall cause the moneys of the corporation to be disbursed by checks or drafts (signed by such officer or officers or such agent or agents of the corporation, and in such manner, as the Board or the President may determine from time to time) upon the authorized depositaries of the corporation and cause to be taken and preserved proper vouchers for all moneys disbursed.


(d)  The Treasurer shall render to the Board or the President, whenever requested, a statement of the financial condition of the corporation and of the transactions of the corporation, and render a full financial report at the annual meeting of the stockholders, if called upon to do so.


(e)  The Treasurer shall be empowered from time to time to require from all officers or agents of the corporation reports or statements giving such information as he or she may desire with respect to any and all financial transactions of the corporation.